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It felt sooo excruciatingly slooooow waiting for my first jab, watching many around me getting theirs. Don’t get me wrong; I am super happy for everyone. I busted out a happy dance as my family got their jabs— and then cried with relief. Both my sisters and my brother-in-law who live in Texas are fully vaccinated now. My niece is scheduled for next week. My husband got his first jab last week, so did my daughter-in-law. My son is still waiting; he’s eligible April 15th. I was eligible April 1st and had my first dose April 2nd. It felt, at times, as if my turn would never get here. I am grateful that this day is here. First time I exhaled since March 2020. Really.

Note: I like the word jab— the British often call an injection a jab— I’m using it!

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