I began writing about my Mom the other day, and the day before, and yesterday… and, it’s difficult for so many reasons.  So instead, today, I’m just going to write a blurb about my comfort foods:  Tortillas de harina, gorditas, flautas, frijoles refritos, (arroz, chile de molcajete, caldo de res, arroz con leche) sopaipillas.  Just a short list of my favorite foods cooked by my Mom.  There are many more, but the list is long.  Mom’s self-described cooking style:  sencillo y casero— simple and home-style.  She wasn’t a fancy or exact-measurement kind of cook either, maybe most cooks aren’t.  I don’t know, actually.  The kitchen has never been my happy place.  I do recall, years ago, trying to replicate some of her recipes, calling her for details, and feeling frustrated as she began telling me to add a pinch of this (un poquito) and a fistful (un puño) of that or to add a bit more of this… you get the picture.  My sister and I, at different times, resorted to watching Mom cook in our own kitchens and measuring as she went along in order to approximate her measurements.  The results were pretty good; they still are, but the truth remains:  Close, but not as good as Mom’s.  Of course, we’re missing the main ingredient— her.

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