Remember my previous post about Walgreens scheduling my 2nd covid-19 vaccine for four weeks out instead of the recommended three weeks? Well, to their credit, Walgreens called me Monday morning. But, it was to tell me they had a 2nd dose vaccine available for me—- that same day, Monday. After I informed her that it was only 10 days since the 1st jab, she said never mind. She asked that I call them back after two weeks to check and see if they have a 2nd dose available. But no, that is still too soon, so I will check back three weeks out (like the CDC and the Pfizer manufacturer recommend) to see if they have something for me at that time. Great. No problem there, especially since California opens up to everyone 16 and up beginning April 15th. Good luck to me, and yes, of course, everyone else still looking to get vaccinated. This process has not been smooth around here. I am praying for that day when at least most of us are vaccinated. Hang in there. Stay healthy.

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