Siblings day was this past weekend, and I missed it.  And so, better-late-than-never, I am giving a shout-out to my siblings.  I wrote a pretty long post about my brother a couple of days ago so now, I will continue with the other siblings:

I will start with a shout-out to my brother-in-law to whom I am eternally grateful for introducing me to chocolate chip ice cream when I was just a kid. He was newly-married to my eldest sister. I remember that day well:  Before we left to buy a scoop of deliciousness, my sister said to him, “Let her (me) pick her own flavor.”  He replied, “Of course.” As soon as we walked into the shop, he said to me, “Chocolate chip is the best,” so of course, I picked chocolate chip.  It’s my favorite to this day; Yummm!  By the way, I also thought my brother-in-law was a rock star— really.  He had a band, and they recorded a couple of singles, and my sister sang background, if I remember correctly.  I still think they’re pretty good songs, and I will post the soundtracks as soon as I locate them.  Rock on.

Next is a shout-out to my eldest sister who helped Mom raise me and who taught me how to be an acrobat, as I balanced on her knees, very early on in my life.  She never made me feel like she had to take me places with her (she never called me chicle); she did it because she enjoyed having me around (at least that’s what she said).  Later on in my life, she taught me how to trust my gut and listen to those instincts.  Grateful.

And the final shout-out goes to my other sister who took a road trip with me from Northern California to West Texas, and thankfully, kept me from fixating and steering into the endless highway construction dividers along the way.  And also kept me from straying into the terrifying drop offs, and what seemed like the eternal abyss of the road, particularly at night.  Quite a neat trick considering that we’re both sort of night-blind.  And most definitely a shout-out for making the best tamales ever (in my opinion) even though I hardly ever get any sent to me. Hardly ever.

I love you all bunches.

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