One of the good guys.🥰

Here is the text in case you want to use the translator:
You’re on the quiet side, a man of few words. Methodical, thoughtful, intelligent, quite funny, and yes, a computer geek. I often told you over the years that I knew I wasn’t your first love, computers were (still are). Truth. You’re the guy who encourages me to take the high road, my moral compass. A man of integrity. You enlisted in the Air Force, served our country proudly, and quietly retired 19 years later. You were NCO of the quarter numerous times and the John Levitow graduate at the NCO Academy. You pursued your Masters in Computer Science, graduated summa cum laude. I was proud then, and no surprise, I still am. You’ve had my back countless times. Thank you. You’re the father of my son and a pretty great role model. The man I would marry again (and elope with again, to the chagrin of our families, again). You’re my buddy, my friend. You’re still my hon, and I’m still your babe. I love you, hon❤️. Happy 30th Anniversary, June 23, 2017.

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