Another sketch by my cousin, Celso Pacheco. This is my Grandfather; Mom’s Dad, and the only likeness of him that our family has. Any photos we had were ruined in a mishap. Mom asked Celso to sketch a likeness of my Grandfather based on both their recollections. My Grandfather, Victor Hernandez, was a farmer in Colorado, and yes, that machete was a tool of the trade. Mom found machetes somewhat scary, and so she tried marking out the tip of the sketched machete to make it seem less threatening. Makes perfect sense.

My maternal Grandfather, Victor Hernandez.

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  1. Our Grandfather worked for the railroad too. That’s where our Grandmother and he met. Our Tio Quinto, who was about 12-13 yrs. old, and our Grandmother, Priscilla/Preciliana, were the only ones to survive “the fever” from a family of 5 or 6. The way our Mom told it, our Uncle had to go looking for work after burying his father and siblings. A railroad supervisor took pity on him, & hired him as long as he could keep up with the workers, all fully grown men. The work was carrying railroad ties, which were long and heavy, especially for a young boy. Grandfather Victor & the other men helped our Uncle so he could meet his quota. Sometime after, our Grandfather married Grandmother & adopted our Tio. First time I remember learning about our Grandfather & Grandmother’s name was back on Palm St., (first house I remember living in). Mom was reading “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” from the newspaper to me. Something brought our Grandmother’s name to mind, and Mom looked at me and said, “That’s your Grandmother’s name, Priscilla, Preciliana in Spanish. And Victor, the name of your Grandfather.” Mom went and got a photo of our grandparents together; she was sitting, and he, in his overalls & hat, standing next to her. I remember, still, in my minds eye, the photo and the solid, calm dignity emanating from them. “Yes, Priscilla, there is a Santa Claus.”

    1. Thanks for this added memory Annie. I also remember Mom telling the story of our Uncle working so young and how our Grandparents met. I never got to see that picture of them, glad you did. Thanks for sharing this.❤️

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